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We are the largest privately owned Home Buying company in Houston with a multitude of methods for helping people quickly sell their homes. Speed and ease are what bring in customers, and 70% of our closings are cash transactions.

Close with confidence, when selling fast matters.

Many houses require repairs, although we buy all houses, in all conditions. Whatever your situation, we are the choice for an efficient, easy, and higher-value sale. Even if you don’t sell your house with Big State, please call us for any advice throughout the process. We offer a free comprehensive report of the repairs required for a homeowner to sell his house. However, know you don’t have to do these repairs to sell to us – we buy homes “as-is!”

We offer insight on market value data, repairs required to get top market value, cost estimates, and advice on how to clear title. This is a large contributor to our success as the largest privately owned home buying company in Houston.

Why you should consider Big State – even when you have all the time in the world to sell.

The industry is so saturated with people and technology offering outrageous prices for homes. As a result, the public has lost sight of what is really happening in the market.

There is a large misconception causing homeowners to fear that we are going to take their houses for an unfair price and they hesitate to call. They even tend to be defensive when they make the first call because of that perception. We want you to know that the biggest reason why we can stand up to the large home buying companies out there is because of you.

You can trust in us! Besides having an A+ Rating with the BBB, we always offer the best solution given the seller’s circumstances. We have unique selling options that most people don’t ever consider, because they do not know that they exist. Just give us a call and we’ll surprise you with the many ways that we can serve your needs!

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what Cathy R. has to say about her experience working with us:

“As a retired businesswoman in the corporate world for over 40 years, I consider myself a ‘skeptic’ of many ideas, products, etc., and am from the old ‘trust but verified’ school – So when I realized it was time to sell my large house after discovering that I could no longer physically or financially handle the maintenance on it, instead of pursuing a ‘traditional sale,’ I cautiously looked into the possibility of finding an investor who would offer me a fair price for my beautiful house, with its ‘warts and all.’

The first entity I contacted was a very well-known, much advertised, business who was courteous – at first.  Their big mistake was they chose not to make me a ‘credible’ offer, but instead made an insulting/ridiculous offer, which I promptly declined and broke all ties.  After this my skepticism really kicked in again at this point, but I kept researching on the internet and almost like I was magnetically drawn to it, Big State Home Buyers’name popped up to me.  Having never heard of them, I wasn’t too sure about their reputation, but after some ‘due diligence,’ I decided I’d call them to discuss what they had to offer.  I met Joel Medrano at my home and liked him at first sight.  He was much younger than I expected, but portrayed himself as professional, polished, courteous, genuine, respectful, and wise beyond his years.  He explained all aspects of the process clearly and answered all of my many questions, the entire time showing absolutely no aggressive or high-pressure tactics, just genuine concern that I understood how his company worked.  He assured me that this process was going to work for me and that it was going to move fast, which I thought was just ‘salesman schmoozing.’  Yet, he left with me feeling like I had met a good, trust-worthy friend.  All of these same attributes and accolades can be given to Amanda Gladin also who I immediately connected with too..

Well, from the morning I was told my house had a Buyer – to our closing – took 12 days! All stages of the process went smoothly, quickly, and professionally.   In addition, I was particularly blown away by the fact that each and every person working in association with them and the sale process (inspection, appraisal, surveyor, realtor/marketing, etc.) was considerate, professional and respectful.  I was treated like a ‘Very Important Person’ always.  I must admit initially and even now, I am surprised at the young age of all staff I met and dealt with and am just blown away by their work ethic and the way they do business – they are really good at what they do – and I cannot say enough good things about this company and these people, but I do know how powerful ‘word of mouth’ recommendations are, and I will recommend them to anyone looking to sell their homes –

Wishing Big State Home Buyers continued growth and success and longevity in their industry –

Big State should become the ‘high water mark’ that all others are compared to –




It matters who you sell your house to: 

We have multiple options for people who want to sell quickly, and more experience than most. We have extensive options to close quickly, in house title processing department with more than 25 years of title experience, have closed over 1,000 transactions, and have experience with alternative solutions to most. No licensing required, no barrier to entry. 

If you want to get in touch you can go here and fill out a form or give us a call!


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