Selling Your Home Fast: It’s Actually Easier Than You Thought

Truth is, selling your house when it is in a poor condition isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re in a difficult financial situation and can’t even think about how to sell your home that is unsightly because you think you need to fix it up first, don’t despair.

Maybe your house is decades old and you haven’t been able to afford much-needed structural and cosmetic repairs. You know the roof is in dire need of replacement or the foundation is cracking. Carpet is old, worn and dirty. The kitchen screams 1970s avocado green and harvest gold. Maybe it was a great neighborhood 20 years ago, but now the area is full of dilapidated houses, including yours. Or perhaps your house has been a rental and you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having tenants who caused costly damage.

If you turn to a real estate agent, you’re likely to be met with ardent requests to make major repairs and sink in money you don’t have to make your house presentable to would-be buyers. If you do convince a real estate agent to list your house “as-is”, it’s likely to sit unsold as buyers don’t even give it a second thought when they drive up or see the picture on the Internet.

But there’s no need to feel stuck. Big State Home Buyers will make “selling your house” easy, quick, and painless.

What Makes Big State Home Buyers a Better Choice

Big State Home Buyers begins by looking at your house, gathering area data and then, in most cases, will offer a free estimate. If you decide to proceed, there’s a good chance we’ll buy your house just as it is. You won’t have to delay your stressful situation or make any costly repairs that might be needed and you won’t have to worry about making more mortgage payments on your house. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy closing time. Big State Home Buyers will make it quick and painless.

We’ll start by determining the value of your home. We’ll come up with the price based on what it would be worth AFTER repairs are completed. Some of the most common repairs that are factored in for houses that are in a rough shape are carpet replacement, walls and trim painted, fixtures updated, gutters cleaned and painted, exterior painted, landscaping, HVAC repairs, foundation repairs, and kitchen and bathroom updates.

We then deduct the cost of repairs, holding/selling costs, and profit.  Once we gather the required information, we’ll meet with you and view your home. From there, we’ll discuss your options and if we’re able to help you, we’ll discuss price, the contract, and closing date. Then you can walk away minus a house and with a check in your pocket.

Big State Home Buyers will not only show you how to sell your less-than-beautiful home but, it will be much cheaper than using a real estate agent. Choosing a real estate agent is always expensive. Costs associated with a real estate agent will generally include commissions and sales discounts; title, closing, and survey costs; and holding costs (taxes, insurance, yard maintenance, mortgage payment, utilities) over the average six to nine months that the house is on the market.  If you want to save money, contact Big State Home Buyers when you want to sell your home.


Real estate investor and entrepreneur, Brian Spitz, has become one of Houston’s leading real estate investors. Brian’s company, Big State Home Buyers, has helped hundreds of sellers to avoid paying a commission to a realtor and clean up their property. He has also given assistance in situations where a home is inherited and not wanted. Brian provides professional service to anyone who may need to sell a home fast and is always willing to provide a free estimate. Contact Brian at Big State Home Buyers for more information.
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