Big State's Home Buying Services to Help You Sell a House Quickly

When we buy your house, we don't see it as merely a transaction. When you choose to sell your home to Big State Home Buyers, you partner with Texas real estate and title experts to ensure you receive a fast and fair cash offer on your home and a seamless experience throughout the process.

We offer our personalized services to individuals and families looking to sell their homes quickly while helping them navigate any number of complex circumstances.

Our comprehensive home buying services cover a range of situations including:

Financial Strains

Easing financial strains is one of the top reasons sellers choose to sell their homes to us for top-dollar cash offers. We understand that when money is tight, a quick closing process is crucial, and our team works with sellers to go from a cash offer to a completed closing in as little as seven days or less.

  • Paying Off Debts or Liens – If you have a lien or existing debt on your home, we can help amend unpaid assessments, late fees and charges. This includes negotiating with HOAs to reduce fees and penalties on HOA liens, when possible.
  • Avoiding Foreclosure – We work with your bank to stop foreclosure and avoid taking the home to auction. This give us time to resolve title issues and quickly complete the closing process, so you receive the equity in your home.
  • As-Is Sale (or Too Many Repairs) – Major home repairs are expensive; never mind the time and resources it takes to find trustworthy contractors and vendors to do the work well. We buy homes as-is– no repairs required – so you can quickly move on with your life and into your next home.
  • Resolving Tax Problems - We provide insights and strategies to resolve property and IRS disputes. Our in-house title teams specialize in working with the IRS and local property tax assessors to resolve tax rollbacks.

Family Matters

Whether you are selling your home because of a divorce or family inheritance, we help resolve family disputes by focusing on meeting the needs of each party in any given situation. We know having an unbiased party helps to mediate complicated issues and our goal is to work with all parties to come to a solution that works for everyone.

In addition to settling liens, assisting with relocating property heirs, finalizing estate paperwork to avoid probate, and other complex matters, we help all parties see options clearer and act as a sounding board to develop the best solution for everyone involved.

Aging Relatives

Caring for aging relatives is enough of a challenge. We want to help make the transition to a new season in life easier. Our in-house teams can draft and help navigate Powers of Attorney on behalf of the homeowner.

Since the original Power of Attorney agreement must be provided for closing, this can be a complicated process and leaving it to our experts helps relieve the stress of dealing with the complexities. If you have an existing Power of Attorney agreement, we can assess and submit to the title company on your behalf.

Life Changes

Whether you are relocating for a new job and need to sell your current home quickly, or you’re ready to hang up your hat as a landlord, we can help with any life transition. In addition to buying homes for cash, we also buy tenant-occupied houses, which can be nearly impossible to sell on the open market. When we buy homes with tenants in place, we help straighten out any lease paperwork, settle outstanding payments and mediate solutions with the current tenants.

In addition to helping to find resolutions to the above scenarios by paying you cash for your home, we also provide the following services to ensure a seamless experience from assessment to close:

  • In-person or virtual assessments, whichever you are most comfortable with.
  • Removing unwanted items from the house and garage.
  • Turning on utilities to complete inspections.
  • Assisted Move Program to qualified sellers through a network of qualified moving partners.
  • Mobile notary for your convenience – We partner with a private network of certified notaries to come to your home or place of business for you to sign closing documents without having to travel to the title company.

No matter your situation or the condition of your house, we’re interested in your property and making a top-dollar cash offer.

Call us today to schedule your free in-person or virtual assessment and get on your way to a fast cash offer on your home.


We Buy Your House With Cash.

We can give you a cash offer on your home in 24 hours or less, and we can pay cash for your house in as little as seven days.