Sell My House – Setting The Stage for a Quick Sale in Houston

If I need to sell my house, how can I set the stage for a quick sale in Houston? First, what does “staging” even refer to?

Staging — showcasing the best side of a home to create interest and help you get top dollar.

If you are thinking of selling your home and want some info on how to set the stage for a great and positive outcome, check out the tips!

sell-my-house-staging-for-a-quick-sale-300x3001. Make Room

Clear out as much floor space, counter space and furniture as you can. Keep the pieces that are truly necessary. Get rid of grandmother’s old rocking chair and put it in storage. You want potential buyers to be able to navigate home without being cramped or being overwhelmed by clutter. Open space helps potential buyers picture their own ideas on how they would decorate the home.

2. Fix-Ups

Remember that in the buyer’s dream scenario, they would not have to do much work on the property, so try to make that as possible as you can. Buyers will calculate fix up after fix up making it a less desirable space. Fix ups on things such as dated wallpaper, chipped paint, carpet stains or any kind of eye sore will help make the home more appealing. Make your home ageless. Just because the house is 40 years old, it doesn’t mean it has to look it.

3. No One Likes Weird Odors

A home should smell good. That means no noticeable odor, no pet scent, no stale cooking smells and no cigarette smoke. Odor plays a huge part in a person’s decision to want a home. You may be used to your home’s odors so have a friend or neighbor come by and help you identify them. Do some deep cleaning, open windows, light some candles, or just Febreze the hell out of everything! Do whatever it takes to get rid of any unappealing odors.

4. Baby-Proofing

Potential buyers could be people with family including babies. It’s always important to think about how the whole family could fit into the home. Is the space safe enough for a baby to crawl around? Are there too many sharp edges or easily accessible high climbing spaces? You want the potential buyers to able to picture themselves living in the home with their family.

5. Let There Be Light

People buy space and light. Open the blinds, open some windows and turn on all the lights. Perhaps add lights in rooms that are dark. You want a space that’s crisp and sharp and vibrant. Especially if you have spent the time and money on fixing up the place, you want all of your hard work to do the trick.

6. White Walls

When it comes to walls, color is popular. The problem is that the next buyer might not like the same colors. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to make a house look clean and fresh. And if you’re going to repaint prior to selling, stick with neutrals. Remember that white reflects the light best and makes rooms look their largest.

7. Flower Power

Flowers could have gone under the “odors” heading but they do more than just add a good fresh scent. Beautiful flowers give a home a nice, softer feel. Almost everyone loves fresh cut flowers and adding them to the home enhance the look of any space.



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