Why You SHOULD NOT Sell Your House to An Investor

should i sell my houston house to an investor

While we provide a seamless approach to buying houses fast, there are instances where you should not sell your house to an investor.

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Should You Sell Your House To An Investor?

Are you thinking of moving and want to sell your house as fast a possible? If so, you might have considered selling to an investor. In this video, Brian explains when selling to an investor is a good idea, and also when it’s not idea.

At Big State Home Buyers, we buy the houses from the entire spectrum—beautiful houses and houses that are dated vacant and…less beautiful.

Reasons For Selling Your House To An Investor

Everyone has a different motivation for selling quickly. Some people are up-sizing and just want to get rid of their older house as soon as possible with no hassle.

Some people are downsizing, or they simply can’t afford the house anymore or afford repairs. Whatever the situation, we aren’t here to judge—only to help. In some situations, we can make multiple offers and the seller can decide if it’s right for them or not.

But we will always understand if it’s not the right choice for you—and if time is not an issue and your house is in excellent shape—then selling to an investor will NOT get you top dollar (but it may still appeal to you if you are looking for ease.)

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