Squatters Move Into a Man’s Recently Purchased Home and Change the Locks!

Squatters move into a man’s recently bought home and change the locks! Do they have “squatters rights?!”

New homeowner Rod Nylund bought a house in Portland, Oregon and decided to make some repairs. When the contractor showed up to start the repairs. a family was already living there. It seems that squatters had moved into the home while it remained vacant. They went as far as setting up utilities under their name and changing the locks!  Once Nylund realized he had a squatter situation in his hands, he contacted the police but there was nothing they could do.

The big question is, do these squatter’s have rights? While squatter’s rights exist, one can’t just simply go into a house and declare it theirs. These rights differ by state. It is a pain that Nylund will have to go through the legal system to get access to the house he owns, but its his only option and more than likely, all odds will work in his favor.

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Article Source: http://realestate.msn.com/blogs/post–squatters-move-into-mans-new-house-change-all-the-locks?_blg=4

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