Squatters – What is a Squatter? Big State Video FAQ

Are you dealing with a squatter? Some of our clients think they are, but the truth is that a “squatter” is actually something very specific.

For information on evictions in Texas, read here!

There are several types of unwanted inhabitants that are actually NOT considered squatters. As such, they must be treated and dealt with according to the law which involves a formal eviction process and notices/communication respectively. These types of non-squatter inhabitants include:

  • Tenants at will
  • Tenants at sufferance
  • Trespassers

The difference between the list above and a squatter is that 1) a squatter NEVER had a lease agreement with you and 2) the squatters has the specific intention of gaining possession of your property through adverse possession.

If you have problem tenants, or HAD problem tenants and now want to liquidate the property, call 713-909-4119 to get an analysis of your house.

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