Susan M. Testimonial Review – Sell My House Fast

In this testimonial review, Susan shares her story and how she wishes she had chosen to sell her house fast sooner. Read below to find out more about her story and see if it resonates with you!

Why I Decided To Sell My House to An Investor


I hung on to this house. I went to probate, which took a long time; but it took another long time before I realized I couldn’t fix it up, and I was going to have to sell it.

My mom died 4 years ago and it took a long time to go through everything. My mom was 93 when she passed away and she kept EVERY LITTLE THING. I found things stuffed in the toes of shoes, in the pockets of jackets. It was like a treasure hunt.

I was going to fix the house with my son’s help and sell the house because we owed the nursing home, but we couldn’t fix it enough. We didn’t have the money.

My sister in law is a real estate agent in Utah. When I called and asked her what I should do, she gave me Big State’s number. Big State Home Buyers had purchased her aunt’s house and did a great job, and that’s when I called Brian and found out that he lived down the street from some of my family.

What Happened When They Came Out To My House

One of Big State’s agents, Richard, came and met me at my parents’ house in San Antonio. We talked and it was a very hard decision to let the house go because we had put so much time and money into it. Additionally, my mom and dad had lived there for 30 years and it was very emotional to think of selling my childhood home. Richard could not have been nicer.

When Richard came in and looked around, I had already talked to a lot of other agents over a 3-4 year period. They would come in and tell me everything wrong with the house and everything that needed to be updated, and I would just tell them to GET OUT of the house. Richard came in and was very nice and complimentary. He had a very casual and concerned demeanor. He explained everything that was going to happen, and I just realized I was ready to move.

When I became executor after my brother passed away, everything owed to the nursing home my mom lived in got dumped on me. I had been to court several times and met the attorney from the nursing home, but ultimately Big State Home Buyers was able to get the price down from what we owed to the nursing home and we were able to use the proceeds from the sale of the house to pay the bills.

Final Thoughts on Selling My House

I am so glad I sold the house. I just wish I had chosen to sell my house fast sooner instead of trying to fix it up and sell it for more. The house is a neat house – it was built in the 70s and just needed a lot of updating, and I just didn’t realize how much work it needed.

I boxed everything up and Richard referred me to some movers who came in and helped. They were incredible! They went room by room and boxed everything up and it was wonderful. Now all I have to do it take my time sorting through everything.

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