Testimonial: I Chose Big State Home Buyers Over Other Home Investor

Testimonial: I Chose Big State Home Buyers Over Other Home Investor

Kent wanted to sell his house in Texas so he could be closer to his children and grand children. When beginning the process of selling his house, he decided to contact a home investor so that he could sell without doing repairs or updating the house.

He reached out to us and another home investing investor company – read his story to see why he chose Big State Home Buyers!

Why We Decided To Move

We moved because my son and grand kids live in Queen, so we moved to be closer to them. We never put a lot of money into the house the 20+ years we lived there, and I knew it was going to take some work to sell it someone else. The first thing that came to mind was someone like you.

How We Found Big State

I found it on the internet. And I called one other company as well. I gotta tell you the truth – you were just the first two I ran across. And it turns out you are the biggest in Houston doing this kind of thing. I set up a time for both of them to meet me at the house since I already moved out of the house. They both showed up when they said they would. It turns out they knew each other!

The main reason I went with Big State was because it was a more generous offer. Both companies asked me what I wanted and I gave them both the same number, and said I’d prefer not to take less than that. Brian met that number, and seemed to think it was reasonable.

The Selling Process

He told me I wasn’t going to make it necessarily a rush thing, but I did want to do it fairly quickly. Brian made it happen seemingly overnight, within 10 days of seeing the house. Everything was real easy.

Could another company have done as well? Maybe. But I’m convinced none could have done BETTER.

Many people sell their house to a company like Big State for the same reason Kent wanted to sell his house – they are moving to be closer to family, and simply don’t want the hassle or repairing, staging and showing the house. For more information and a no obligation quote, call us.

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