Testimonial – Executor of Will Didn’t Want to Do the Work Himself

Steven Graves called us after his mother passed away. He was the executor of his mother’s will, and had the responsibility of taking care of the house. Steven’s brother resided in the house but was not able to contribute to the maintenance or costs of owning a house. After maintaining the home for a while, Steven realized he didn’t want to put any more money in the house or go any further underwater. Read his story blow regarding how he found Big State Home Buyers and why he decied to sell his house fast to an investor!

“In 2014, my mother had passed away and I was the executor of the will. My brother was living in the house at the time, and he was one of those brothers (everybody has one). I had shelled out a lot of cash to repair and keep the house, and I knew it was time for me to get him out and get rid of the house. I was underwater and tired of paying for the house.

I wanted to sell to an investor because I didn’t want to put any more money into the house. I also just didn’t have time.  I work long days and I am worth a lot per hour, so it didn’t make sense for me to put the time into the house. I didn’t have time to mess with it, which is why I didn’t do it.

Right around the time I began thinking about selling my house to an investor, I got a postcard from a home buyer wanting to buy our house. I let him come over and he looked at the house, but this first guy was kind of a jerk and low-balled me. The thing is, I knew about how much the house was worth. I knew it needed between $30-35k in repairs and that I would have to sell pretty low for an investor to make a profit. I expected to sell my house around $100k (this includes the subtractions for the dicsount and needed repairs) and he offered me around $60k. He was low-balling me and I was straight with him because I knew I needed more money.

I decided not to negotiate with the first company because he was so far off, but my wife began researching other Texas home buyers online. She found Big State Home Buyers’ website, and we were both impressed with the reviews and testimonials we found online so we decided to call.

When I called Big State, two gentlemen came out to the house and worked around my schedule. (I work 12 hours a day). They offered me close to what I wanted and were even willing to push the number a bit if I could give them 45 days instead of 30. I was very happy with their offer, and I knew it was fair. Everyone waited on me and worked within my timeline.

They did everything they said they would and they allowed me a fair profit.

The best part of the process for me was the ease. I am a businessman and I work with all kinds of people. Big state Home Buyers was straightforward and laid everything on the line. You didn’t make anything sound rosy. You were realistic and straight with me.

Honestly, the biggest challenge was getting my brother out of the house. Big State made everything else easy for me.

I realized I made the right decision when they met my expectations on the price and offer.

Thank you, Big State!”

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