Testimonial – I Had to Move Fast and Sell a House That Needs Work

James Glover decided to sell a house that needs work to an investor because he wanted to sell it fast. With some past experience in the real estate investment market, he knew what type of company he needed and decided to start with an internet search for Texas home buyers. Read his story below!

“I used to be in the real estate market, and I had used several home investors in the past for different projects. While I was familiar with other home investors in the area, I decided to see what else was out there. I wanted to sell to a home investor so that I wouldn’t have to do the work to fix the house up. The house needed work, and part of my decision to sell to an investor was a timing thing. I could have done it myself with all the years experience I had in real estate, but I just needed the house sold quickly as-is. I decided that if their offer was too low, I could do the work to the house and fix it up myself.

I called several places I found on an internet search. Big State Home Buyers in Texas was the first to call me back, so I decided to go with them. When Big State called, I thought they were very professional. I was ready to sell and I felt good after talking with them, so I knew I wanted to move forward with selling the house.

When Corey called me back, he asked me for my address to see if he could look at the house. He did some comps on the house and asked me what I wanted for it. My wife was happy with their final offer (and if she’s happy, I’m happy!) Everybody that I met on Big State’s team was polite, real, and helpful. They also helped us in the transition to move and they worked with us on the timing since we needed to find a new place to live while preparing to move out of our current house. They gave me plenty of time to get all my things out – I even forgot my Christmas tree in the attic, and I was able to go back and get it!

I would say that if someone wants to sell a house that needs work and doesn’t want to fix it up themselves, they should definitely call Big State. Closing went well, and everything was good. Thank you, Big State!”

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