Testimonial Review: Landlord Disaster! Needed To Sell My House Trashed By Tenants

Billie C. needed to sell her house after obtaining tenant damage to rental paroperty! Billie lived in the same house for years. She raised her children in the house, so it was very dear to her. Eventually, she decided to move out and rent out the house, but it ended in disaster. Due to the personal nature of her story, we chose not to use her last name.

When I realized I wanted to sell my house, my son went online for me. We had been getting prices from different people and we weren’t happy. He found you online and got the name of your company, and you gave me a higher offer and an all around better deal.Additionally, the agent who came out made a comment that he wanted to be the last bidder on the house. He knew I was talking to other people. That made me feel he was extremely serious about the deal that he wanted to be the last bidder.

I wanted to sell the house to an investor because it was in complete disrepair and I didn’t have the money to repair it. A renter had been in it for 5 years, and never told me about any of the repairs needed. For instance, it needed leveling and a new roof, and I didn’t know it was a problem. He also literally trashed the house when he left. I used all my cash to build my new house, so I just didn’t have the money to repair it.

I actually lived in the house for 44 years before deciding to rent it out to a friend. We worked well together for a long time, but we lost touch.

Big State also allowed me time to get things out of the house. I had 6 full washer loads of clothes that the tenants left in the house! The drier even had a load of clean clothes in it. When Joel [the agent] got there, we had already cleaned up a little bit. There was dog feces all over the house – and it was hard to believe someone could live in those conditions. It was especially hard, after raising my 5 sons in that house, to see it trashed like it was. It was extremely disheartening.

What went well? The fact that your people met me on a timely basis. Very courteous. They told me what they could do and what they would do. As far as I was concerned everything went as smoothly as could be. You have been very nice giving us time to get everything out of the house.

This has been traumatic for me because I lived in that house for so long. So my son has taken a lot of the pain off my shoulders, and you all were very helpful.

Have you had tenant damage to rental property?

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