Testimonial Review: Rachel Was Starting Her Career And Wanted to Sell Her House Fast

Rachel wanted to sell her Houston house fast because she was starting a new career and didn’t have the energy to maintain a house anymore. She even tried using a real estate agent, but didn’t have any luck! Read below for her review of Big State Home Buyers.

big state home buyers review - rachel I heard about Big State Home Buyers when a friend, Patricia, told me about her experience selling her house to them. I wanted to sell my house years ago through a Realtor, but the Realtor couldn’t get anyone to come and look at the house. (It was in 2008 and no one was really buying houses).  Patricia told me about your services, and I had never heard of a company like yours before.

I only lived in the house for a couple years before I tried to sell it, but I was going back to school and didn’t want the responsibility anymore. Since the agent couldn’t find a buyer, I stopped trying to sell it back then and continued my studies.

I just graduated from college and I have to start from the bottom in my career, which means that for now, I’m making less money. Starting my career and maintaining a house was just a little too much for me to deal with.

The best part of the process was that I didn’t have to worry about the closing costs, Realtor and other finances that go along with selling your house. Everything came in one big package – they did all the work.

The biggest challenge was waiting. The whole time I was afraid the buyer, who bought the house after the first day of putting it out on the market, was going to back out at the last minute. But everything worked out fine and we closed in January!

If I were to do it all again, I wouldn’t change anything. Thank you, Big State, for all your help!

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