Testimonial: Sell An Inherited House With Reverse Mortgage

Testimonial: Sell An Inherited House With Reverse Mortgage

Alexis inherited a house with a reverse mortgage when her dad passed away. She knew she wanted to sell the property, but she felt overwhelmed by what needed to be done, and she didn’t know where to turn. Then, a friend of hers from Noble Mortgage referred her to Big State Home Buyers, and we were able to help. Watch her story!

Inherited house with Reverse Mortgage

My name is Alexis Andre, and I’m a local Houston artist.

I found out about Big State Home Buyers through Chris Robichaux at Noble Mortgage. So my father had passed away, and we needed to sell an inherited house. And we had a reverse mortgage.

Not only did you all help me with the reverse mortgage, find investors to come in and buy almost immediately, help me with everything, Darren was my broker, and he was fantastic.

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Selling To Big State

He was there every single day. I called him—Brian was awesome, and all—the whole team. And Sonya was fantastic too, you know. She was awesome— so, the whole team. Brian actually came to my father’s house like early on in the process. He had such a good aura about him, so I felt comfortable.

You have to have a good relationship when you’re dealing with someone’s property.

And it’s not like you can just give it away because it’s like a piece of paper. It has memories in there.

I mean, everything that was going on, I always got a phone call, which made me feel one hundred percent comfortable. I was never out in the dark. I give them one hundred and ten percent.

Advice To Other Home Sellers

[Alexis Andre] Be calm and trust. And I feel like family here. When I come in, everybody’s like, “Hello!” So that’s great. I feel like a sigh of relief because before we put it on the market, I was taking care of him 24/7. And then when he got sicker, and then he got in his home, I was over—I feel like the process of you all helping me sell the home was like a monkey off my back— if that makes any sense— because I don’t stay up at night and cry and worry, “What do I need to do?”

And I feel this is 2015, it’s going to be a new year, and it’s going to be great. You’re welcome. Thank you.

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