Big State Home Buyers Review: Sell My House Fast in Dallas So I Could Move

Testimonial: Sell My House Fast in Dallas So I Could Move

Many people associated home buying companies with houses that are unattractive or unlivable as-is, but that is most often not the case.

Often people simply want to move on with life as quickly as possible, or have already moved on.

Pamela wanted to sell her Dallas house fast so that she could move to North Carolina to be with family faster than what she would have been able to if she sold her house through traditional means.

Read her story below!

I First Turned To Google To Sell My House

“I wanted to sell my house fast in Dallas so that I could move to be with my family as soon as possible.”

When I decided that I was ready to sell my fast, I turned to Google to see what I could find. I felt ready for a quick sale. Additionally, I didn’t want to wait through the painstaking process of fixing up the house and having everyone come in and look at it while it sat on the market. I just wanted to sell it quickly.

Big State Home Buyers was one of the first companies that showed up in my search. What stood out as I read through it involved the fact that it seemed like a very personable business. It was not just someone coming out and giving me a quote. It was a good place for me to do business and build a relationship.

Selling Process And Timeline

When I called Big State, someone called me back immediately. One of the guys came out and looked at my property. He told me right then that Corey, one of their agents, would give me call. He did, and on the same day he made me an offer!

It was very quick – a lot sooner than I anticipated. They really did sell my house fast! There were no hiccups and surprises. One thing that made me feel really comfortable was that they explained everything every step of the way.

They were available at all times if I had questions.

This was the first home I ever bought by myself. I felt completely unfamiliar with the steps for selling it. The agent explained everything in words I could understood, not just jargon.

He didn’t make me feel like I was stupid for asking anything. I would not have changed anything.


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