Testimonial: Inheriting a House After an Unexpected Death

peggy-blog1-294x300The following is written by our Marketing Coordinator, Alison Reeves, who interviewed Peggy regarding her experience with Big State Home Buyers.

Inheriting a House After an Unexpected Death

After a heated argument with a family member in February 2012, Peggy’s dad began experiencing problems with his vision and anxiety, and claimed he couldn’t think straight. After bringing him to the hospital, the family was told that they’d found a mass in his brain. He passed away nearly 3 months later.

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Peggy found herself in the position of unexpectedly inheriting a house, but all she wanted to do was move on.  With her dad’s passing and the tension it caused in the family, selling the home traditionally was absolutely not an option.

When I walked in to Starbucks to meet Peggy for the first time, it occurred to me that I never asked her on the phone what she looked like. When I came into the room, her eyes lit up when she saw me. The coffee shop bustled with activity and people on the go, so I was grateful to see her look of excitement and recognition.

We sat down and I asked her to tell me her story in detail.

After they discovered the mass in his brain, Peggy’s father had two options. He could go through chemotherapy or have the tumor removed, which doctors estimated would prolong his life 6 months. Having been through the excruciating experience of watching his wife go through chemo, Peggy’s dad opted for the latter in an effort to prolong his life. After the surgery however, he did not recover well. He was overwhelmed, unable to do the exercises required for rehab, and eventually opted to go home. To make things easier they’d turned his den into a bedroom, and Peggy and her son moved in to take care of him. Her father passed away in April of 2012.

The Condition of the House

Peggy’s dad had lived in the house for a number of years prior to his passing.

An older gentleman, he had not really been able to keep the house up. The house hadn’t been updated. The carpets were ruined. The walls needed to be repaired and repainted. The house was just old.

As executor of the estate, Peggy knew she was ultimately responsible for anything concerning the house.  Her eldest brother and she were really the only ones able, or willing to do what was necessary to fix up the house, and frankly, it was too large a task to take on. They were grieving the loss of their father, and dealing with a good deal of family drama. Neither her nor her brother wanted to put in the time or money to cover the cost of fixing the house only to have the proceeds of the final sale divided equally between the siblings who couldn’t contribute. They decided she should sell the house as quickly as possible.

Calling Big State Home Buyers for Assistance

Peggy’s brother had found Big State Home Buyers and suggested she give them a call. When she called initially, Brian returned her call in less than twenty-four hours. She had already had several people out to the home to estimate repair costs. After speaking with Brian, he made an appointment to come out the next day. Before leaving, he gave her an estimate that was within the same range as the other estimators.

Within the week, Brian provided Peggy with a second spreadsheet containing information she could give her siblings. While she was convinced that this was the route she wanted to take, she still had to convince her siblings. After reviewing the information and having Peggy explain what Brian had given her, they were all on board. Out of all their options, this process seemed the most seamless. They agreed that she should sell the house fast so they could all move on.

Service Provided

I asked Peggy to be frank with me. Why did she trust Brian?

First off, Peggy said Brian was always available to her. “He bent over backwards for me”. One of the spreadsheets he created for her not only gave her costs for repairing the house, it also included an estimate of what she could expect if it was sold “as-is”. He also included information on what she could make if she made all repairs and updated the home before selling, as well as what she could make if she sold it “as-is” through other companies. Peggy appreciated having something she could physically hand to her family. Brian explained in detail why the costs were what they were. No matter what the time of day, Peggy was able to reach Brian. If she had to leave a message, he’d return her call within a couple hours.

Peggy and her family were relieved at the extent of the service Brian provided. After assets were divided between siblings, a team came out to clear the house of any remaining items or trash and then proceeded to clean it at no cost to her family. Big State Home Buyers helped clear up the title of the house as well. While Big State normally closes in less than a month, Peggy’s situation involved extenuating circumstances. Because of legal issues out of Peggy’s control, the process took longer than anyone expected. Brian and his team were with Peggy every step of the way to help her through the process, even though the situation was less than ideal.

Peggy, thank you so much for sharing your story! We do what we do here at Big State Home buyers because of people like you.

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