Tips For Selling Your Houston Home Located In A Bad Neighborhood

Help-selling-home-in-bad-neighborhood-300x290People looking at tips for selling Houston home in a bad neighborhood often come across many articles written by real estate agent claiming they can sell any property in any location. The reality is however, that many people simply don’t buy houses in neighborhoods that have either seen increases in crime or have become run down due to old age of the homes. But if you’ve got a property in this type of neighborhood and are looking to sell the property, what options do you have?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to sell your Houston home in a bad neighborhood quickly and without worrying about the stress involved in dealing with real estate agents.

Tips For Selling a Home in a Bad Neighborhood

Find out what prices comparable homes are selling forThe first tip for selling any Houston home is to do a little bit of research in regards to the home market in your neighborhood. However, in the State of Texas one of the hurdles that people often encounter in this is that real estate agents will not disclose this information without having a person being a signed client of theirs. However there are other ways of getting public information on property sales.

  • Check with the local courthouse and public records searches. This will often provide you information such as taxes paid in a neighborhood and recent prices of homes sold in the area.
  • Ask people who have recently moved into the neighborhood. Quite often if you are honest and forthcoming with people, you can easily get a rough estimate of how much they paid for their property.
  • Talk to friends you might have in the housing market – either in real estate or marketing and see if you can get a good idea from them.

Search for companies who buy homes “as is.” The second tip for selling a Houston home in a bad or run-down neighborhood is to inquire about companies or investors who buy property as is and either rebuild the property or sell the land to developers. This is a great way to get a house sold quickly and without the hassles of dealing with real estate agents or the long-period of time that it traditionally takes to sell a home in today’s housing markets.

Companies like this offer Houston home owners many advantages including:

  • Allowing them to sell their homes quick and easily without having to pay expensive realtor fees or marketing their homes.
  • Not having to spend money on replacing carpet, appliances, roofs, or any other area of your home which most home buyers would require to be completed prior to buying your older property.
  • A quick and easy sell providing you with cash for your house in the bad neighborhood. This eliminates the need wait extended periods of time for closing and then paying additional closing costs as well.

One of the best tips on selling your Houston home in any neighborhood are to simply look for non-traditional methods of selling a property quickly and moving into a better location fit for your family and your future. Here at Big State Home Buyers, most people consider our real estate home buying process is non-traditional. We can purchase homes with cash, set it up as a net listing, or even take over payments.

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