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sell-my-house-home-selling-options-300x200We Buy Houses! What does that mean? Big State Home Buyers buys houses from sellers looking for a way out. People want to sell their houses quickly for many reasons. Some fall behind on payments or cannot afford repairs, some simply decide they do not want to maintain a home or tenants any longer, while many others  inherit houses they do not want for themselves.

Not only do we offer additional services when we buy houses, but we also have several methods when buying houses. Your situation will determine the best selling method, and many sellers are in situations that offer them choices.

Other Services Provided When We Buy Houses

Big State Home Buyers focuses on servicing the everyday home seller looking for solutions! We can purchase houses with cash and fast! We help those home sellers who either cannot or do not want to sell their houses through traditional means.

We work directly with title companies in order to clear up ANY title issues that might exist. That way everyone can move forward with a clean slate!

We also work with several cash buyers, which allows us to buy lots of houses with cash and close quickly regardless of the area or condition of your house.

Need help moving? We can make arrangements for that too! Many people find cleaning out their house a daunting task when moving, but for those who sell to a home investor such as Big State Home Buyers, this is just one more service we provide!

Other Home Selling Options Big State Buys Houses

Although our specialty is buying houses cash, it is not the only buying method we have. A Net Listing option would take a little more time, however if it qualifies, it would definitely lead to a HIGHER sales price offer for the house. For people who are not in a rush, but do not want the trouble of selling their house through traditional methods, the Net Listing may be the perfect option!

We also have a Wrap option. For sellers with little equity, an investor like Big State Home Buyers can simply take over payments on the house! This can help a seller’s credit because the payments would be maintained rather than going into foreclosure!

Still not convinced?

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