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Selling a house isn't easy, and that’s exactly why we buy houses. We want to provide solutions to home sellers. Selling a house is major financial transaction requiring proper documents, tax considerations, and potential legal roadblocks. Add a stressful personal situation to the mix—perhaps brought on by a death in the family, foreclosure, liens, or divorce—and the prospect of selling a house can be daunting.

At Big State Home Buyers, our goal is to make the sale of your house quick, simple and fair. Here's how we make selling your house simple:

  • You can sell as is—no need for costly repairs
  • Quickly—often within a matter of days
  • At a fair price—we guarantee to offer you the fairest price possible
  • Even if it is already listed by a traditional realtor—if the need arises to speed up the transaction
  • With confidence—even if you decide not to sell with us, you'll be armed with information regarding your options

To us, buying your house is more than a real estate transaction. It is an opportunity to assist you in making the best possible decision during a potentially life-changing event.


Any home with land value qualifies*. From beautiful new constructions to tear-downs, Big State Home Buyers offers selling options for houses in any condition. Whether you are a landlord with tenants on the brink of eviction, the owner of a house with major title issues, or a joint heir dealing with family discord—our experienced team has proven its competence in resolving even the most complicated issues, legal or otherwise, time and again.

*Please note that we do not buy mobile homes or houses to be removed from their existing lot.

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When it comes to selling a house, no one size fits all. That's why Big State Home Buyers offers three different selling options to choose from when we buy houses.

    1. We Buy Houses For Cash — Close in as little as 5 days (contingent upon a clear title) and receive cash for your house. We purchase your home as-is, eliminating the need for repairs prior to the sale. We even take care of any unwanted contents you may want to leave behind. Plus, we gladly facilitate your move with our Move Assist program.
    2. Classic House Selling Method — This option follows the traditional real estate listing process most homeowners are familiar with. We list your house and let the open market determine the value of your property. This is a longer process but our propriety marketing methods shorten your selling time.
    3. Profit Plus Hybrid Sale — This unique option offers the best of both worlds for sellers who want to sell relatively quickly without sacrificing profit. It is suitable for houses in any condition and especially popular with sellers who have less equity in the property. In this scenario, we also create an MLS listing, but for a shorter term than the traditional 6-month listing agreement. Simultaneously, we offer you a guaranteed net sales price based on your home's market value, then list the house at a higher price that covers all expenses and closing costs. We also negotiate and even execute any repairs the buyer may require to close the deal. All the while, you'll know exactly how much money you'll ultimately walk away with while using our expertise in as-is sales to achieve the highest possible price with little or no repair. The average Profit Plus sale at Big State Home Buyers takes 42 days from contract to closing, so it takes a little more time than a cash sale but allows you flexibility and peace of mind.

At Big State Home Buyers we not only buy houses, we sell them, too. We know both sides of the coin and understand your need to maximize the sale price. For these reasons, we do more than simply put your home on the market and wait—we employ the same powerful marketing techniques we use to find sellers to secure a buyer for your house.



Needed to move, but didn’t have equity

Big State Home Buyers took over my payments

"I moved here because my company transferred me a year ago, so I basically had no equity built up. A year later, and I’m transferred again. Instead of dealing with real estate commissions and waiting for the home to sell, I let Big State Home Buyers take over the payments. This time, I’ll rent!"

Max F.


Wanted to sell rental property

Received cash offer despite tenants' mess

"I owned a rental house and was just sick of dealing with the issues. The renters left a big mess behind, and I worried how much time and money it was going to take to fix it up and sell it. I called Big State Home Buyers, and they made me an offer the same day. I didn’t even have to clean anything up – I could just walk away with my money and leave the headaches behind!"

Eileen D.


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OCTOBER 26, 2016

When you own vacant property, you can also have substantial headaches to go along with it. Selling your house to a company that buys houses can help you avoid the following issues:


A home that’s left vacant is a potential target for costly vandalism.

Insurance issues

Your homeowner’s policy may not provide coverage for your home if you’re not living in it, leaving you open to losses that aren’t covered by insurance.

Extra expenses

Even if you have the utilities turned off, you’ll still face some added expenses, such as making sure the property is insured, having the yard mowed, and hiring someone to check on the property or traveling to do it yourself.

Ultimately you may find that selling your home to a reputable company is a good solution, allowing you to get rid of the hassles and put some cash in your pocket.


What should you look for in a “we buy houses” company?

You may have seen advertisements or even roadside signs that advertise “we buy houses.” Before you make the decision to sell to one of these individuals or companies, do some research and look for the following:

An established, local company
Don’t sell to someone in another part of the country or world who says they’ll purchase your house sight unseen. You’ll want to deal with a local company that has a good track record.

A history of satisfied customers
Look to see if a company is registered with the Better Business Bureau, and if so, check out their rating. Also look at complaints that may have been filed against the company.

No money required on your part
Beware of companies or individuals who ask for application fees or other money before they’ll buy your home.

AUGUST 12, 2016

Are ‘We Buy Houses’ companies legitimate?

You’ve probably seen ads for companies proclaiming “We buy houses.” But how do you determine if it’s placed by a legitimate company or a scammer? The following are some things to look for:

The buyer’s location
A local company that inspects your home in person is often looking to make an honest purchase, fix up your home, and then sell it at a profit or rent it out. An investor who’s located far away and offers to buy your home without seeing it is suspicious.

A good reputation
Research the company, looking for signs that it has a good reputation. For example, is it registered with the Better Business Bureau? How long has the company been in business? If a company can provide references from local sellers, that’s also a good sign.

In-person contact
Can you call an actual company and get in touch with someone? Scammers may not want to call you or your attorney directly and may instead ask you to contact their “attorney” – who is actually just another scammer.

APRIL 15, 2016

What happens with your house after you sell it to Big State Home Buyers depends on a variety of factors, including the home’s condition, its location, and the local market conditions. Sometimes we retain ownership and make the house available for rent. Other times we perform repairs, then resell the home. It’s one of the reasons why we understand the entire home buying, selling, marketing, and renting process so well—we’re involved in every aspect of real estate. Our primary goal is to make the home ready for another family, ensuring that others can enjoy the home that mattered to you and your family. This well-rounded expertise makes us sensitive to your needs. We’ve been in your shoes, and it is our ambition to offer you the best house selling solution to fit your needs.








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