What To Do In Case of a Flood – Houston Flood

The floods that devastated many areas of Houston this past Tuesday are some of the worst that this city has ever experienced. There have been floods here in the past but this weeks rain is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

Experts say that these floods should come to no surprise, the reason being Houston’s expansion over the last few years. Many see the developments for new homes and new commercial bucloud.rainildings as a good thing and while it definitely is and it means that this city’s economy is strong, it means that there is very little topography. Hundreds of miles of pavement has been added to the city that keeps rain from going into the soil and we’ve lost lots of permeability. All that being said, do you know what to do in case of a Houston flood?

Go To Higher Ground

If you notice water getting into your home, go to higher ground and avoid standing in any wet surface. Move to the top floor of your home, to the attic or if necessary your roof. If you are outside (in your car), try to move to higher roadways or the higher levels of a parking garage.

Avoid Driving Through Flooded Roadways

Many people’s first instinct when they are driving through heavy rain is to try to get home any way possible. This isn’t always the best idea. As mentioned in the point before, its best to drive to higher ground and stay there. Don’t try to drive through waters. On top of potentially drowning your car, you could run into something you can’t see through the dark waters.

Avoid Water

Many people let curiosity get to them and decide to explore thee floods that have been created by the heavy rain. If it’s dire that you walk through unclear waters, use a stick and tap the ground in front if you to check what could be under water. You never know what could’ve been washed up with the heavy rain. Any kind of animal or a loose cable that you can’t see could result in harm.

Use A Battery Operated Radio

If you don’t have a battery operated radio make sure you get one. If you do have one, make sure you use it to be able to keep up with weather updates and warnings. If you have flashlights this could help too, incase your power goes out.

Unplug All Electronic Devices

If water starts getting into your home, make sure to unplug all electronic devices. You want to avoid any dangerous of having electric devices being on while in the water. You should not do this if have to stand in water to do it. If it’s too late to start unplugging, just avoid anything that is surrounded by water at all costs.

What to Do if Your House Floods

In a flood, water wreaks havoc on the structure of your house and on your personal belongings. The first thing you should do is call your insurance agent and make a claim. List all the damages and take pictures if possible. Shovel out any mud that gets in hour house, and disinfect every surface. Take furniture and other household items outside as soon as possible and allow them to dry. Mattresses should be thrown away, but allow a professional to clean your furniture. Unfortunately, walls and ceilings soak up water like a sponge. Wallboards, plaster and paneling need to be replaced.

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