What To Do When Your House Floods: Steps to Determine Whether To Repair or Sell

Sell or repair flooded house for fast cash


After a large natural disaster such as a hurricane and all of the flood damage, it can be difficult to assess what exactly needs to be done with a damaged home. Many questions may arise, such as if you should focus your efforts on repairing that home or if you should go down the route of selling the home as-is. Either way, it is critical to evaluate a few things as quickly as possible in order to retain the greatest amount of value for a home.


Initial Things to Consider When It Comes Selling a Flooded Home vs. Repairing A Flooded Home

To start off, you need to thoroughly assess the damage done to the home. Get in touch with a flood inspector or a FEMA inspector dependent on how severe the damage is. The first thing to check is both the structural and foundational aspects of the home to ensure that it is even safe to occupy.

After ensuring that the home is safe to enter, in order to assess the damage, the first thing to do is to begin cleaning. For example, rinse off surfaces and try to get rid of mud from the home. After taking photos of the state of your home, you’ll want to assess how much furniture and other belongings are damaged as well. It is important to note that you should not instantly get rid of these items. Keep them in storage away from water for adjusters as photos are sometimes not enough. Cleaning items up quickly will help to assess the damage as soon as possible and also help to prevent greater damage.


Making the Final Decision to Repair the or Sell the Flooded Home

During a flood, it does not take a significant amount of water to create damages that can be extremely costly. An inch or less of water can create impairments to flooring and drywall that are critical. If you have flood insurance to help with repairs, that is helpful but it also means that money will have to be spent on contractors to repair the home. Dependent on the amount of damage, it may also mean that the house may be uninhabitable for a few months.


If you have the capability to do repairs to a home and the proper resources, and then wish to sell, this can help to potentially increase the market value of the house. However, if time and a budget are of the essence, then you may want to consider other options. You can get a cash sale offer for a home in order to get out of this situation and turn over the responsibility of handling repairs to an investor. This may be the best answer for some so that a flooded house does not develop into a long-term financial burden.


While this is a big decision, it is important to make it in the most timely manner possible. In any case, the home loses value the longer you sit and wait. If you wait to repair damage, the house descends in value. If you wait an extended amount of time to sell the house as-is, then you become one of the many who have finally made that decision, and now home investors or builders will most likely not have to pay you as much for your home since supply is higher.


Essentially, evaluate the damage to the home and assess if you can a) afford to make the necessary repairs b) look over flood insurance (or home owner’s insurance as well since flooding is sometimes addressed) to determine what is covered and c) take the time to think about if you can deal with the stress that may come with a more drawn out process with home sale if you do not want to sell a house as-is.


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