Why Do People Sell to a Home Investor?

How To Sell Your Home To An Investor

Those of us in the home buying business hear that question often, usually from people who don’t understand what a home investor does.

What Does a Home Investor Do?

A home investor helps people needing to sell their homes quickly by providing alternative selling solutions. Whether someone inherited an unwanted home, or simply wants to sell their house fast and move quickly, home buyers can help.

A few reasons people choose to sell their house to an investor include:

  • Inheritance
  • Relocating
  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Paying off debts or liens

Home Investors Offer Solutions to Problems

It costs money to repair your home and prepare it for sale, and if you don’t have the resources…you’re stuck. Even if you can sell it yourself, you will continue to pay for the house and needed maintenance and repairs until the house is sold, putting you further behind financially.

In many cases, such as when someone inherits a property, the family members do not want to maintain the house. Going to probate means waiting months, paying money out-of-pocket for a house you don’t want, and paying expensive legal fees. Selling the property to an investor saves time and money.

It’s true that you can get more money if you prepare your home to sell it on the traditional market. But that’s the thing: some people don’t want to do that, or they can’t.

Home investors buy houses from people with distressed homes, but they also buy inherited properties and properties that people simply need to sell quickly. Some houses in great condition are sold for tax purposes, or so the owner can pay for their child’s college education or to help a sickly parent. There is a wide range of circumstances that bring people to an investor’s door. See more of the reasons people turn to Big State Home Buyers to sell quickly for cash.

Ready to Sell Your Home to an Investor?

Big State Home Buyers is committed to an extremely high level of service. If you own a home or know someone who owns a home they want or need to sell quickly for cash, let Big State Home Buyers save you time and money. We buy properties as-is in any condition. Fill out our Quick Offer Form for a no-obligation cash offer on your house.


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