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We all know first impressions are important and almost rarely forgivable, so if you are going to sell your houseHouse-photos-011-300x225 – make sure the outside looks appealing. You want to be able to draw all the potential buyers to your house! Here are just a few tips on “yard-staging” that will help get your house sold ASAP!

Clean Up Your Lawn

One of the first things you could do to improve your lawn is kill all the weeds. You can easily find a variety of affordable weed killers at places such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Weed killers will not only kill off any weeds that may be overtaking your lawn but will also prevent any new weeds from growing.  When mowing your lawn set your mower high (about 3 inches) to reduce stress on the grass and to cut down on the need for water. Doing these two things should help improve the look of your yard/grass.

Trim the Overgrowth

Trim any branches that may be touching the house, covering a window or blocking a path. To reduce mold growth, keep any plants at least a foot away from the siding of your home.

Splurge on Mulch

The new kind of mulches that retain color throughout the season cost about a dollar a bag more than traditional mulch, but a good first impression is worth it. Mulch helps the soil hold moisture so you don’t have to water as often. It also suppresses weeds. And over time, mulches made from organic materials break down and increase your soil’s structure and fertility.

Edge Your Flowerbeds

Edging your flowerbeds is the easiest way to make your yard look neat and groomed. A simple way to edge is to tie a string between two sticks and follow the line with a sharp shovel and push about 4 to 6 inches into the soil.

Power Wash Everything

Cobwebs, mold and dirt can accumulate on decks, patios, fences, driveways, windows and siding over the winter. It can all be blasted away with a power washer. Power washing will give your front yard a clean polished look.

Plant Annuals

Perennials are plants that live for more than two years and are great if you’re looking to build a long-term garden. If you want to add some color to your front yard, plants such as impatiens, petunias and geraniums in are the perfect types of perennials to plant. Potted flowers and hanging baskets can brighten dull spots in your yard also and can draw attention to features you may want to highlight.

Create Conversation Areas

If you happen to have a front patio or enough room for them, placing a seating area in the front of your house can create a conversation area. You could stage two colorful side chairs and an end table with a book. This can give potential buyers an idea of what they could do with the space and give the front of your home a homey and cozy feel.

Remember, our eyes are naturally drawn to pretty things and if you want to peak a buyers interest then make your house pretty on the outside! Everyone wants to have the nicest house on the block – why shouldn’t it be yours?

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