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We are no strangers to storms, but Hurricane Harvey devastated our area with unprecedented flooding, and flooded homes in Houston is becoming commonplace today. Property loss, grief, and costly repairs are overwhelming – and getting caught in a long traditional real estate snare can lead to roadblocks. Big State Home Buyers understands your situation and the market. If you want to sell your flooded house now, contact us. Our expert analysts and title specialists are dedicated to helping homeowners sell houses with flood damage as is, without hassles, today. We buy flooded houses in Houston and surrounding areas. Contact us now!



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What To Expect From A Home Buying Company

Big State Home Buyers are real estate analysts. We specialize in alternative solutions to help you sell your house that flooded. We buy houses in any condition, with complicated title issues, costly repairs, in pre-foreclosure, with liens, or flood damage. Our process is faster than the traditional real estate process. Even with flood damage, you can have a cash offer within weeks or even days through our simple process.

Consult & Assess

Consult & Assess

Schedule a consultation to assess the current condition of the home

Analyze the Damage

Analyze the Damage

Analyze the flood damage, compare comps, and the area's flood history

Determine a Solution

Determine a Solution

Determine investment risk and opportunity for a fair cash offer

What To Do After Your House Floods

If you cannot afford repairs or no longer wish to invest in a flood-prone area, choosing to sell your house to an investor is the best solution. To get the most value from your flooded house, remove all sheetrock, carpeting, and flooring affected by flood waters. This allows moisture to escape and prevent mold damage, which is far more costly. Next contact a home buying company to determine the best outcome for your flood situation.

Selling A Flooded Home: What to Look for In an Investor

What To Do When Your House Floods: Steps to Determine Whether To Repair or Sell

How to Sell a House Fast With Water Damage – Texas Flooding Tips

Videos: After The Damage Is Done

In the aftermath of preparing to sell a flooded house, you may be dealing with a lost pet, an injured family member, or the remnants of a once beloved home. We assist with any condition and from every walk of life. We understand loss, transition, and change – both good and challenging. Our real estate experts are not only passionate about your cash offer, we also approach every situation with a personal, understanding perspective.

How to Deal With Grief And Loss

Insurance and Protection for A Vacant House

Choose A Home Buyer With Integrity

Big State Home Buyers follows the Spitz family standards of business excellence. For over 12 years, Brian has paved the way for continuous innovation, transparency, and integrity within an obscure industry. He and his team continue to grow as Texas' home buying leader.

Brian Spitz and his Big State Home Buyers team pose for a photo after being awarded with their 6th consecutive BBB Awards for Excellence honor.

The first Texas home buying company to have an A+ BBB rating and the only company to have earned BBB Awards for Excellence 6 consecutive years.

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