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Looking For Ways To Stop Foreclosure? We Simplify Selling With Cash You Can Take To The Bank.

Have you fallen behind on your mortgage payments and want to sell the house before foreclosure? Do you feel powerless with the onset of losing your home? You’re not alone, and there is help. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners, like you, left with no choice but to sell to avoid foreclosure. Whatever happened: bills, job loss, or changes in mortgage terms – our agents and specialists ensure you get the most value towards your cash offer to settle with the banks. Remember, this is the first step to a much brighter future ahead.

Choosing Big State To Sell a House Before Foreclosure

  • We buy your house to help you stop any type of foreclosure during any stage in the process
  • We partner with expert real estate agents, foreclosure attorneys, and title professionals
  • Even with difficult banks and negative equity, call us to help you through any situation

Behind On Payments

Behind On Payments

We can help you sell your house before you reach foreclosure

Needs A Quick Sale

Needs A Quick Sale

We can provide a fair market cash offer to get the most of your sale

Needs A Short Sale

Needs A Short Sale

We can work with your bank to help you move forward with selling

Listen to Our Foreclosure “Little Known Facts"

Meet Brian Spitz: Selling A House in Pre-Foreclosure

If you are falling behind on payments and/or facing foreclosure, there are some strategies that may help you to avoid foreclosure. In this video, Brian describes these little-known facts:

  1. Work with the bank in 3 ways (loan modification, short sale, bankruptcy)
  2. Foreclosure may not wipe out your debt
  3. Banks don’t want your house
  4. The sooner you act, the easier the solutions will be

Watch the video for full details. If you have questions about this video or about facing foreclosure, call us at 713-909-4119 and talk to our foreclosure experts!

  • Brian Spitz, President, Big State Home Buyers



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