I Want to Sell My Inherited House for Cash, But It Needs Major Repairs

“Can I sell my inherited house for cash as is?” This commonly asked question often arises after someone has inherited a home that needs lots of work. The answer is ‘yes’, it’s possible. Home investors buy houses in any condition, and many homeowners who sell to them do so for that very reason.

Inheriting a house in disrepair can quickly become stressful, rather than the gift your loved one intended it to be. Home repairs are expensive. The house might be old and dilapidated. If left vacant, it may have been vandalized.

The thought of removing remaining items in the house, paying for extensive repairs, cleaning up the mess to get the home in top condition and ready to sell, can be overwhelming. The stress builds as you think about how long the entire process might take, and the time, energy, and money it could involve.

In those cases, selling an inherited house for cash “as is” to a home investor can be the best solution for everyone involved.

How Much Will an Investor Pay for My House?

That’s a good question. Before making a cash offer, an investor may consider many factors to determine the value of your house in its current condition.

They will start with evaluating the top market value of your home if it were in the best condition possible, after repairs and all work is completed. They will then consider the current condition of the house and calculate an estimated cost for repairs. Any potential title issues or other legal obstacles will also be evaluated and considered.

Big State Home Buyers is not only one of these experienced investors, but they are the largest privately held home buying company in Texas.  With years of experience and a dedicated team, they provide real solutions for their clients as well as a quick cash offer.

What Can I Expect if I Choose to Sell My Inherited House to Big State Home Buyers?

Clients who want to sell an inherited house fast discover that costly repairs are not a problem when working with our team. We buy houses as-is. That means no hassle and a quick closing. Additionally, we specialize in title issues and work diligently to resolve complex family matters.

When working with Big State, you can expect to receive professional, personalized services to help sell your inherited house for cash quickly through our  easy and hassle-free process. Submit the no-obligation Quick Offer Form now to find out more.

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