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Big State Stands Out Among Companies that Buy Houses in Texas

When comparing companies that buy houses in Texas, Big State Home Buyers in Houston stands out in several ways. Each time we buy a house, we see it as more of an opportunity to help people than simply a business transaction. To us it’s a personal commitment.

Most often, when people search for a company that buys houses for cash quickly, they are in a distressed situation and need to sell fast or face obstacles that need to be overcome before they can sell. Our team works hard to provide the best solution for their specific situation as quickly as possible. Customers who have worked with us say our approach and personalized service goes above and beyond all others.

Big State Home Buyers was founded in Houston, Texas more than 15 years ago on a simple idea: we care about building relationships. We understand the sentimental value that may be attached to your house — and understand you want the selling process to be quick, easy, and worry-free. That’s why we provide personalized services designed to help you sell your home fast and for the best price.

Customer Stories

The Hales Sold Their Inherited Home.

Gwen Sold Her House As-is.

The Smith's Recommend Big State!

Rachel Sold Her Flooded Home As-is.

Juanita Was Ready to Downsize.

Marilyn Didn't Have to Repair Her House.

What our customers say:

PeggyHouston, TX
Brian was always available to me. He bent over backwards for me. One of the spreadsheets he created for me not only gave me costs for repairing the house, it also included an estimate of what I could expect if it was sold “as-is”. Brian also included information on what I could make if I made all repairs and updated the home before selling, as well as what I could make if she sold it “as-is” through other companies. I appreciated having something I could physically hand to my family.
Alexis AndreHouston, TX
My name is Alexis Andre, and I'm a local Houston artist. I found out about Big State Home Buyers through Chris Robichaux at Noble Mortgage. So my father had passed away, and we needed to sell an inherited house. And we had a reverse mortgage... Darren was my broker, and he was fantastic. He was there every single day. I called him—Brian was awesome, and all—the whole team. And Sonya was fantastic too, you know. Brian actually came to my father's house like early on in the process. He had such a good aura about him, so I felt comfortable selling to a house buyer.
Jennifer MosleyDallas, TX
Before I called Big State, I was wondering what I was gonna do with my house, and I had actually tried another company, but I wasn’t pleased with them. They kept asking me a bunch of questions, and being very aggressive. But when I talked to Kamrin at Big State, it was like a 180. He was very pleasant. Everything he told us was the truth. There weren’t any misleading tactics. The whole process has been very soothing because this move has been nerve wracking. So he really smoothed everything out for us, it’s been very pleasant. He was very thorough, he was always a stickler for showing up on time. That’s what I like, he set out what he could do, and he laid everything out for us step by step, in a very detailed manner. We appreciate that. It’s a been a blessing.
Dawn MacerKaty, TX
I was at my wits end when I called Big State! I called and met Mr. Brooks and Richard, and they were two of the nicest guys. They made it very easy for me. And they explained the process to me. I hadn’t even made my decision that I was going to go with Big State, but they educated me on what the process was. I did speak to some other real estate investors during this time, but I decided to go with Big State because of their honesty, and how genuine they were and dedicated to what they were doing. I’m being so sincere, because through the liens and the squatters, and the entire process that they helped me work through, they fulfilled the obligations that they initially put forward. There was good communication. I never had to wonder what was going on with the sale of this home. And Sonya was very professional, she explained all the aspects of the process to me as far as closing on the sale of the property. She went above and beyond, running back and forth between title companies, and the liens that were there, she got that information. She was basically there 24/7, and I couldn’t have done it without her. Because of Big State Home Buyers, my financial stability was greatly improved. Anybody who needs to sell a home that they no longer want should contact Big State Home Buyers.
Tawnya ButterfrasFort Worth, TX
Good Morning, THANK YOU!!! I am settled in my new home in Abilene and just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!! for all your efforts in the sale of my home. Richard, from the very first meeting I was impressed with your professionalism, courtesy, integrity and honesty. You made the process of selling my home very easy and the process you explained on day one, went pretty much how the transaction went. You were very also very prompt in answering any questions that I had with either returned phone calls or emails. I also want to acknowledge your team (don't remember each of their names), but the guys that came out for inspections, etc., were also very professional and pleasant to deal with. Once the transaction got to the "closing" process, Sonya was also great in the handling of all the small details and assuring a very smooth closing. I am not eloquent in expressing my feelings, but I hope you can hear my sincere gratitude. You and your team were a huge Blessing in my life and I am truly thankful for all your work and efforts.
Kevin GillHouston, TX
We are finally (almost) settled in the new house and we are very pleased with our sale using Big State Home Buyers. We were very pleased with the experience. Big State Home Buyers was very prompt in responding. We were up against a time constraint. They offered a fair price, and Richard, always calm, and very polite, made sure it happened! Thanks!
Elisa and Jody AbshireHouston, TX
We are finally (almost) settled in the new house and we are very pleased with our sale using Big State Home Buyers. I am sure you know, we (like most buyers) looked into selling to other companies, and the real reason we chose BSHB was YOU. We have walked away from other deals/services in the past just because the person representing the company was not right- either their knowledge, attitude, or just vibe overall. The efforts you put into this are highly appreciated. Thank you for never making us feel pressured, yet constantly checking in on us, quick call backs/ texts, and putting up with answering my 20 daily questions with a great attitude (and patience!). It made a huge difference, since we were were under special time circumstances with the purchase of our new home. Thanks again for your hard work, and thanks to your team too!
Stephen BehrensDallas, TX
If I could give these guys 100 stars I would! From start to finish they were beyond perfect in the buying of our old home. We needed short simple and understanding and they were all three and then some! Staff is there 24/7 to help with any questions or concerns. Brain has built a great team around him and anyone representing big state is just as professional and personable as he is. You are only as good as the people surrounding you and the staff is amazing! Thanks again and we couldn't be happier with the process and now our new home! Happy Holidays to everyone!
Jacqueline MartinezGalveston, TX
When my mother was diagnosed with cancer in July and given 1-2 years to live, I wanted to go home to San Antonio as soon as possible. I looked at selling it for more money on the open market, but it was going to be too much of a hassle. I needed something quick and easy that I wouldn’t be stressed over. Doctors put my mom on an aggressive treatment, so I was already going through some major adjustments. I needed this to be simple...It was a hard decision to do it this way, but I ended up being very comfortable with the whole process. The people were very friendly, professional and sympathetic with what was going on in my life to try to help me make this transition as easy and smooth as possible.
Darryl ReevesConroe, TX
I wanted to work with a home buyer I didn't want any hassle, I wanted quick and over with. I also procrastinated and needed to sell as quickly as possible. The house was about to be foreclosed on and I was pressed for time. I spoke with you first, and then another agency. The other company offered me more money so I started the process with them, but they backed out after the flooding. So, I called you all back, and you bought the house without hesitation. Actually, the first guys I worked with seemed a little shady and I felt much better when I talked with you. You were very professional and everything fell in place quickly. Corey was professional and answered all my questions.
Billie C.Humble, TX
I wanted to sell the house to an investor because it was in complete disrepair and I didn’t have the money to repair it. A renter had been in it for 5 years, and never told me about any of the repairs needed. For instance, it needed leveling and a new roof, and I didn’t know it was a problem. He also literally trashed the house when he left. I used all my cash to build my new house, so I just didn’t have the money to repair it. Your people met me on a timely basis. Very courteous. They told me what they could do and what they would do. As far as I was concerned everything went as smoothly as could be. You have been very nice giving us time to get everything out of the house.
Kathryn HunterPasadena, TX
I found out about Big State Home Buyers because they sent me a letter. I had gotten other letters in the mail, but I called Big State because it seemed like they were more experienced people. I also went to your website and read some of the testimonials from your previous clients. I had the experience before with fixing up a house and renting it out, but I didn’t like being a landlord and dealing with tenants. I just didn’t want the responsibility. I tried to go through a Realtor with this house, but it didn’t sell and I didn’t have any luck trying to sell it on my own...My favorite part about the process was that Big State Home Buyers was very prompt in selling it. They worked along with the date they had set and they were very close to their estimated closing date.
Janeen SamplesSpring, TX
My husband passed away a while ago, and the house needs a lot of repairs. I knew that moving out of the house would be the best way for me to move on. I needed a new house without all the history and reminders. I didn’t want to repair the house, so I knew that selling to Big State Home Buyers would be a good option...Big State Home Buyers did everything they said they were going to do. Everyone was really nice and I was grateful to be able to get help.
Pamela WilliamsHouston, TX
It was very quick – a lot sooner than I anticipated. They really did sell my house fast! There were no hiccups and surprises. One thing that made me feel really comfortable was that they explained everything every step of the way. They were available at all times if I had questions. This was the first home I ever bought by myself, and I had no idea what I needed to do. The agent explained everything in words I could understood, not just jargon. He didn’t make me feel like I was stupid for asking anything. I would not have changed anything!
Susan MorganHouston, TX
I was going to fix the house with my son’s help and sell the house because we owed the nursing home, but we couldn’t fix it enough. We didn’t have the money...I am so glad I sold the house. I just wish I had chosen to sell my house fast sooner instead of trying to fix it up and sell it for more.
LaQuetta WrightFort Worth, TX
We inherited the house from my mother who passed away, and none of us wanted to carry on the burden of taxes and HOA fees and letting things accumulate, as well as the condition of the property...It became extremely easy. You just give them what you have, and they will continue to work on it
Rachel A.Houston, TX
I only lived in the house for a couple years before I tried to sell it, but I was going back to school and didn’t want the responsibility anymore. Since the agent couldn’t find a buyer, I stopped trying to sell it back then and continued my studies. The best part of the process was that I didn’t have to worry about the closing costs, Realtor and other finances that go along with selling your house. Everything came in one big package – they did all the work.
Jim MilesHouston, TX
We got a flier in the mail and honestly, the timing was just right. We didn't want to spend additional money updating it and your specialty was buying "as-is"... The whole process was pretty flawless.
Elise JohnstonHouston, TX
In hindsight, I am really glad I decided to do business with you because there ended up being some liens on the house I didn’t know about. Big State was able to help clear up the liens and close on the house. I had 3 liens, and the third one was very hard to remove. I don’t think another company would have been so patient with getting rid of the liens. Richard kept telling me, “I know it seems impossible, but this is going to go through”. And it did.
Michael AdamsHouston, TX
What was really important to me, and makes me still feel good: Rene’s second email to me copied 3-4 people in the organization and introduced them to me. They had excellent follow-up emails, and everything was ready when I went to close. The internal organization that you have is really cool. Not only are the sales people good, but your internal managers are trained well, and are responsive.
James GloverHouston, TX
I used to be in the real estate market, and I had used several home investors in the past. While I was familiar with other home investors, I decided to see what else is out there. I called several places I found on an internet search. Big State Home Buyers was the first to call me back, so I decided to go with them. When Big State called, I thought they were very professional. If someone wants to sell their house fast and doesn't want to fix it up themselves, they should definitely call Big State. Closing went well, and everything was good. Thank you, Big State!
Steven GravesHouston, TX
I was very happy with [Big State’s] offer. Everyone waited on me and worked within my timeline. They did everything they said they would and they allowed me a fair profit. The best part of the process for me was the ease. I am a businessman and I work with all kinds of people. Big state Home Buyers was straightforward and laid everything on the line.
Regina R.Dallas, TX
I lost my sister suddenly this year. It is hard losing someone unexpectedly, and Big State helped me get through everything.
Willie Mae PikesHouston, TX
I found Big State Home Buyers through their website. I looked at a few websites, but once I talked to Rene, I knew I wanted to go with Big State. He was nice, honest and told me exactly what the price was going to be. And that's exactly what it was. He took good pictures, and the presentation was very nice when they put it on the website.
Cheryl SchemmerHouston, TX
Darren is awesome – he really listens to what I have to say, helps me narrow down my prospects, and tries to keep me optimistic. He has been very responsive to my needs and constant demands, way beyond the call of duty. I don’t particularly enjoy the house buying process but Darren has made it as pleasant as possible, and his cheerful demeanor is contagious. He knows the real estate market and gives great advice.
Joan StoyPlano, TX
I found out about Big State Home Buyers because they were selling a property that was right next door to my daughter, and we wanted to buy it as a second home. Brian was very forthright about everything. He was prompt in responding and very through regarding any issues we had questions about. It was very encouraging, because a lot of times you get close to closing and the seller isn't good about following up. He was very god about responding when I had questions about repairs and he followed through on his obligations.
Patti TaylorIrving, TX
Big State Home Buyers followed up on everything and kept in contact with me. They explained who would handle closing and and let me know exactly what to expect every step along the way. I loved how thorough they were.
Melba JohnsonDallas, TX
I found the Big State Staff to be young and energetic. They move as quickly as they can through red tape. Rene and Michelle were excellent!
Mack and Mercille MachaeraDallas, TX
I am so glad my husband and I picked the Brian Spitz team of Big State Home Buyers to handle the sale of our property. I must commend Brian Spitz and Amanda Gladin for so much patience, persistence, dedication, knowledge, and talent. Amanda saw the sale through getting us the price we wanted for our property. She is an expert at negotiation and followed through on all the fine details. She calmed me down a few times and I soon realized with Amanda in charge I had nothing to worry about. My husband and I both felt secure knowing Big State Home Buyers was handling all this for us. They professionally represented us acting in our best interest every step of the way. We had enough on our plate just cleaning, sorting, and packing! If you want realtors who go above and beyond, we highly recommend Big State Home Buyers.
Carl KeithHouston, TX
From the start, Corey’s representation and professionalism shined. And straight through to the finish with Michelle and Brian. I couldn’t have imagined the whole process would have flowed so smoothly. Rest assured, you’ll receive my highest recommendation to anyone looking to sell their home. Thanks again for making this so effortless.
Laura SchickGrapevine, TX
Big State answered all of my questions extensively, which really simplified the process. I got my questions answered FAST. I work in insurance, so I am used to responding to my clients immediately. If someone is in an accident, they need information right now. So, I was looking for that and found that at Big State Home Buyers. The speed and efficiency of response to phone messages, emails and inquiries was exceptional. When they say they are going to call back, they did. When they gave me a time they would contact me, they did.
Karen HunterDallas, TX
When you say that you want to sell your home to an investor, most people probably think “foreclosure,” but that wasn’t the case with me. The truth is that I just didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of the house anymore. I lived in my house for fifteen years, and although I loved the house and the low mortgage payments, it was time for me to move on.
Cara HackingHouston, TX
With two young children and a newborn, my husband and I realized we had outgrown our home. We had tried to sell it a couple years earlier, but did not have time to make the repairs. Selling the house to Big State Home Buyers allowed us to move on quickly without needing to do anything to the house.
Stephanie C.Keller, TX
I was the executor of the estate, but I chose to run everything by my siblings to make sure we were on the same page. After Darren left, even my brother had a good feeling about him. Having my brother give me that affirmation made me feel really good. Darren was really accurate about what was good and bad about the house. He told me what was valuable, and he didn’t beat around the bush. He put everything on the table. What you see is what you get. Full disclosure.
Darren KelleyHouston, TX
I have been in the hospitality and real estate industries for many years. I have always believed in customer service and its requirement to be legendary in order to beat the competition. I wanted to take a minute and just recognize the legendary service I have received from Big State Home Buyers. You know they say that if you do something right, people tell 1 person and if you do something wrong, they tell 100. Your team’s legendary service throughout my very difficult closing process has been a blessing to me and I wanted to make sure you all knew this. BSHB is going to continue success with the way you all do business!
Nanette C.Richardson, TX
What made me feel most comfortable was the constant communication with David, who assessed my house and offered the contract, and Rene, who helped find a buyer for the house.They were also both understanding of my busy schedule. Between work and my dad, I didn’t have a lot of time to drive around and meet a lot of people. They accommodated my schedule by setting up one day for all potential buyers to come look at the house. I was grateful for the streamlined process. The timeline worked out great and we were able to close quickly and take care of my dad.
Angela PoseyHouston, TX
From my first phone call to you at Big State Home Buyers to the completion of the sale of my property, it was a complete pleasure working with you and your staff. I had a lot of questions and concerns about selling my house, and the Big State team was incredibly patient with answering the questions and resolving the concerns. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is selling a property and I would not hesitate to use you again. Thank you for your help and expertise during my sale!
Debbie MurphyHouston, TX
Thanks for all your help with selling my home through your net listing program; it was such a pleasure to do business with Big State Home Buyers! My home was on the market so many months with a local realtor that I was about to give up. Once I dropped the realtor, Big State came in and delivered a contract on my home in less than three weeks. Darren and Brian handled everything – including the buyer – with ease. Their professional competence and friendly manner made such a difference, that I would recommend the Big State team to anyone. I look forward to working with you again in the future!
Darryl SimonHouston, TX
It was my distinct pleasure to do business with Big State Home buyers on the sale of a house. After experiencing so much frustration and delay with local real estate brokers, I was amazed at the lightning speed of Big State to market, sell and close the sale. The firm exhibited extreme competence in the transaction at every turn and I am very pleased with the results. I will be coming to Big State for all of my future real estate brokerage needs. Thank you very much!
Dennis B. Nelson, LCSWIrving, TX
I received the check today for the sale of my mother\'s home. This is going to make it possible for her to continue to get the care she needs after her long term care insurance runs out. Thank you for all the work you and the Big State staff put into making this happen.
Kim R. OliverDallas, TX
I was really impressed with Big State Home Buyers, and very pleased with the people and the process. You were honest and direct about your services, and delivered what you promised; your Big State team did a great job – I would never have imagined I could sell the house within three weeks! Thank you.
Ruth CarterDallas, TX
When I recently decided to sell my house in order to relocate, I checked out several investor and home buyer websites on the internet. Some of them failed to return phone calls or show up for appointments. As soon as I contacted Big State Home Buyers, that all changed. Alicia called me back and came to see my house the same day. She is awesome – very professional, knowledgeable, and competent. After assessing my house, taking pictures, and listening to what I wanted, Alicia explained all the details on how the sale would work and everything that would happen in the days ahead. Big State had five prospective buyers out to look at my house that same week. As soon as we had a good offer, Alicia was ready with documents, contracts, statements, and an explanation of closing. She seemed to effortlessly move mountains in order to get the sale completed quickly, and stayed in touch with me about all details to the very end. I am really grateful to Alicia and Big State Home Buyers for all their help!
Sabrina HarrisHouston, TX
When my husband passed away unexpectedly, I was at a loss. I had a house I did not want and really did not know what to do. A friend suggested looking online for home buyers, which I did. Within 15 minutes of contacting Big State Home Buyers, Brian Spitz called to talk about my house. We met the next day and I was very impressed. Brian understood my needs, assured me he could help, and said he would get back to me with an offer soon. The very next day he called and I accepted his offer. Big State handled everything for me, and took care of any issue that came up. Selling the house was an emotional experience for me, but Brian was there for me every step of the way. I cannot say enough about Brian; he the best! If I ever need to sell a house again, or a friend needs his services, I will definitely call Big State Home Buyers. THANK YOU BRIAN!Charles & Yvonne Eley
Charles & Yvonne EleyDallas, TX
Our experience with Big State Home Buyers was great; this company really delivers what they promise – and more. They promise to buy homes in any condition and that is exactly what they do. We had a townhouse that was severally damaged in a hurricane. We contacted Big State Home Buyers and received a call back the same day from Alicia. She was very professional and displayed excellent customer service. She came out to view our house that very day and contacted us within 24 hours with an offer. We closed on the property 14 days later. Big State assured that everything went smoothly and the transaction was stress-free. We are so grateful to Alicia for all of her diligence and hard work, and we would highly recommend Big State Home Buyers to everyone.
Penny StinsonFort Worth, TX
I recently worked with Brian Spitz of Big State Home Buyers, who evaluated my home for resale. We signed a contract for Big State to sell my property. Brian was immediately responsive to every question I had, and was professional and helpful in every way. Less than two weeks later, I decided not to sell my home at this time. Brian was very gracious and immediately terminated the contract. He refused my offers of monetary reimbursement for his time and expenses, and expressed his interest in working with me later if I changed my mind. I would unconditionally recommend Brian Spitz and Big State Home Buyers to anyone.
Felton WilliamsHouston, TX
Eighteen days after signing with Big State Home Buyers, they had a buyer for my house! With their net listing agreement, they guaranteed my house would sell in less than 90 days. It was fast! Big State really took care of everything; I would highly recommend them.