Selling a Houston Home with Expensive Home Repairs

The process of selling a home with expensive home repairs can cause any home owner serious headaches. It is widely believed that in order to sell a property, you’ve got to ensure all major repairs are completed. And sadly, this expense always seems to fall on the current home owner.

However, the above assumption is not completely true. Not only are there some easy – and inexpensive methods to repair some critical issues, but also several resources for selling property ‘as is’ and can complete a property sale quickly without significantly reducing your property value.

3 Basic Steps for Making Home Repairs on a Home that’s for Sale

Here are a few things you can do as a property owner to determine whether making expensive home repairs is worth the time, effort and money in order to sell your home through traditional methods.

1)     Determine exactly what needs to be repaired. If you are thinking about selling your property, have a certified inspector walk through your house first to tell you exactly what they believe needs to be repaired. A lot of times, people assume that trouble areas; like cracked walls, electrical issues, or foundation repair can only be repaired by complete replacement. However, with today’s technology, several of these expensive home repairs can easily be fixed at a reduced cost. But the only way to discover exactly what needs to be done prior to sell is to have it inspected by a reliable third-party home inspector.

2)     Place a priority list of expensive home repairs. After you’ve met with an inspector, make a list of items that need to be repaired immediately in order to maximize your property value. As we stated above, there are many resources available to property owners to list and sell their property as is. So by making a priority list of items that need to be replaced or fixed, you can weigh whether the cost involved in making those repairs will exceed your property value through traditional sales.

3)     Find a company that handles ‘as is’ property sales. If the cost and time of making these expensive home repairs is simply too much for you, a great solution is to find a company who can broker ‘as is’ property sales quickly and without significantly impacting your property value.

Sometimes the best course of action for selling a home with expensive home repairs is to weight the benefits of trying to fix expensive home repairs and attempting to sell the property traditionally or to seek other methods of selling your property. And in today’s troubled economy, it’s completely understandable how stressful the home selling market can be – especially when there are expensive home repairs that need to be completed.

If you are in this particular situation, a great solution is to work with a great company who can help you deal with the challenges of traditional home sale due to the condition of your property is an easy and affordable option. If this applies to you, visit the Big State Quick Offer Form so we can get you a quote on your property in the next 24 hours, or you can give us a call. Our trustworthy and hard-working team has helped hundreds of home owners just like you and we’re here to provide you with the support and information you need to make a decision about your home.


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